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About McGinnis Wood Products, Inc.

A Leading Manufacturer of White Oak Bourbon Barrels since 1968

McGinnis Wood Products, Inc. is a family owned cooperage and stave mill that provides innovation, quality products, and traditional values of service to each of its customers.

Leroy McGinnis founded McGinnis Wood Products in Cuba, Missouri in 1968, selling white oak staves. Today, he has grown the company into a manufacturer of the finest crafted white oak bourbon barrels in the world.  McGinnis Wood Products began building bourbon barrels in 1987 after purchasing barrel-making machinery from Sweeney Cooperage in Vancouver, British Columbia and now has the largest air dried inventory in the globe. The company started with a single building and eight employees in 1968. McGinnis Wood Products now has four buildings ranging in size of 8,000 square feet to 22,000 square feet, 8 dry kilns and 150 employees. 

McGinnis Wood Products 1989

McGinnis Wood Products - 1989

McGinnis Wood Products 2008

McGinnis Wood Products - 2008

McGinnis Wood Products is known worldwide for its quality white oak bourbon barrels. The barrels are prized both domestically and internationally for the unique flavors they give the spirits and whiskies aged in them. 

Leroy McGinnis has passed down his knowledge and innovation to two sons and two son-in-laws. Continued perfection in providing the best white oak bourbon barrels on the market is the goal of the McGinnis family. McGinnis is a true family-owned operation, built upon strong, traditional family values, community investment and the value of education. McGinnis supports these values through active community involvement and generous donations to schools in Cuba, Missouri and the surrounding communities.

Through hard work, commitment to excellence, and family values, McGinnis Wood Products delivers quality service and value to our customers.

McGinnis family 1986

Bob Bell, Don McGinnis, Ed Bowen, Leroy McGinnis in 1986

McGinnis Family 2010

Bob Bell, Jack McGinnis, Leroy McGinnis, Don McGinnis, Ed Bowen, in 2010